Preuniversity education PFUR

Center for Pre-College


Preuniversity education PFUR - is:

  • Classes on any profile: humanitarian, technical, natural science
  • Classroom courses on campus: flexible, standard and mini-groups Service "Tutor"
  • Distance learning (e-learning): educational portal and webinars (online training)
  • Teachers - Experts USE
  • Modern training
  • Teaching tertiary education system
  • Actual test questions
  • Regular monitoring test
  • monitoring performance
  • certificate at the end

Center for Pre-College Education "Unicum" was based on the Rossiyskogo People's Friendship University in 1995. We successfully prepare our students to pass the Unified State Examination (USE) and the exam State attestation (GIA).

Center for Pre-College Education "Unicum" is preparing students for all general education disciplines required for admission to the faculties of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia and other leading universities.

Center for Pre-College Education "Unicum" Adjustments school knowledge, identifying and filling spaces, which improves the current progress on the program, not only of our courses, and the school curriculum. The latter is especially important since the exam today - is not only the entrance examination to college, but graduation exam at school.

Preparation for exam -

specific process, which requires the applicant is not only an excellent knowledge of the material and special skills test execution.

Training in groups of conductive only training teachers of our university who have extensive experience in preparation for passing exam and GIA. What is important is that many of our teachers were directly participate in the development control tests on the USE.
In preparing each of the students assignments and exam GIA analyzes, provides the necessary theoretical background to solve the task. Trainees are prepared to test actual exam.

specially developed technique will help our listeners:

  • - Learn about the specific features of stukturnyh USE
  • - Learn to understand as precisely as possible the formulation of tasks
  • - learn to allocate time to perform testing tasks
  • - Learn about the most common mistakes
  • - Learn what criteria
  • guided by experts checking of tests
  • - Avoid mistakes with technical coverage of tests

Throughout the training of our teachers hold "control" test based on official exam materials that allow an objective assessment of knowledge of our students.

Successful exam is guaranteed if it is preceded by thorough preparation. We provide students the most complete knowledge that you need to take the test exam.

annually up entrance exam about 90% of our students come to the University of Russia Peoples' Friendship and other leading universities of the country (Moscow State University. University, State University Higher School of Economics, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, National University of Management and others).

Contact Information:

Center for Pre-College Education "Unicum"

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st. Maclay, 10, building 3 office 108 Moscow 117198, Russia

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